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Some lovely words from some of my clients...


Claudia has been my massage therapist for the past 6 years. I mainly go to her for a deep tissue back/ full body massage, but have also had her amazingly relaxing face massage treatment. As a massage therapist myself, I can honestly say that Claudia is the best massage therapist that I have ever come across. She uses firm pressure, gets out all the knots and tension, has a gentle and caring touch, and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. 



I have been receiving massage treatments from Claudia for the last 6 years or so. Claudia usually gives me  sports massage and a very gentle head massage  that she has developed for me. I always look forward to the experience and feel both elated and relaxed afterwards. My work can be very stressful at times and I always feel much better equipped for work after seeing Claudia.
I would recommend her treatments, wholeheartedly, to anyone.


I can highly recommend Claudia's pregnancy massage. She knows how to apply the right amount of pressure so it is both incredibly relaxing but also firm when needed, which really help with the back pain. Her non pregnancy massage is also great!


Claudia has been my therapist for years. I do bodybuilding, and so I need professional sport and deep tissue massages on a regular basis, and I need someone with knowledge and experience like her. And she has got really strong hands too!


In the past years I  have been receiving many treatments from various therapists in the world, and Claudia has been one of the best. With her, I feel in safe hands as she is very professional, able to listen to my needs and to use the right pressure: she can use strong pressure to relieve tight knots on the back and at the same time she can use light but powerful pressure to treat other areas. I have had such outstanding treatments that I would recommend Claudia to



I have been going to Claudia for a number of years for deep tissue/sports massage treatments to deal particularly with stress in the shoulders and back pain from too much time at a desk, as well as other aches and pains from exercise and sport.  Claudia has made a huge difference, really understanding and working on specific issues from week to week with strong pressure techniques that have a real impact and which I have found missing in many other treatments I have had.  A joy to be treated by and thoroughly recommended.  

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